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Supply and demand change fast – so can you

Fluctuations in supply and demand sometimes call for rapid solutions to make the most of business opportunities. RÖDER temporary warehouses and modular buildings, delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, provide the solution. Our modular structures reduce the financial investment and time required versus large scale projects and offer a greater – and faster – return on investment.

Clear span for maximum useable area

“RÖDER temporary modular buildings don’t require a supportive inner post. The result: a clear span of up to 40m across. Store your materials or product the way you want, racked or stacked.”

A climate to suit your needs

RÖDER temporary modular buildings feature excellent insulation, with the scope to fit HVAC systems made easier due to the sturdiness of construction. Halls can be delivered in cost-effective tarpaulin covers, with steel clad walls for security, or equipped with insulated sandwich panels and inflatable roofs, including the option of fleece lining for minimal heat transference and drastically reduced energy consumption.

Temporary retail solutions and promotional events

RÖDER sales halls optimally extend existing retail and commercial space, whether mounted directly to your existing building or installed on site as freestanding structures. Our modular buildings can be employed as a comfortable, well-appointed showroom, designed for a bright, open traditional retail environment, or utilised externally to enable the provision of shelter for click and collect customers.

Customisation and branding

A wide range of accessories are available for our modular buildings: lighting, HVAC systems, doors, gates, and windows, in addition to a large selection of flooring systems. Available with a double-walled, air-filled thermal tarpaulin, the roof of these tents ensures an optimal climate, preventing costly condensation damage to stock and equipment and saving money on energy costs.

Personnel and vehicle access is optimised through flexibility in the siting of personnel and industrial doors, allowing proper throughput within the structure. You can even give your showroom buildings an individual touch with glass-aluminium facades or branded walls.

Scalability and quality

RÖDER structures have anodized aluminium profiles, giving them the durability of buildings with traditional construction. Robust, yet inexpensive, they can be quickly mounted and securely anchored to almost any surface. The structures boast clear spans of 5 meters (16 feet) to 40 meters (130 feet), from 3.5m (11 feet) to 8.2m (27 feet) eave heights, whilst their lengths can be extended indefinitely in 5m (16 feet) increments.

Safety and stability

All RÖDER modular buildings meet fire safety requirements for commercial construction, easily withstand wind speeds up to 25 m/s (56 mph), and effortlessly shrug off snow loads up to 2kN/m2 (42 lbs per square foot).

Flexible finance

RÖDER halls can be temporary or permanent and are available to rent, lease, or buy.

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What our clients say

We have not received a single warning about incidents with the tent at maintenance level since its installation ... As far as maintenance is concerned, there is nothing to highlight ... which is a good sign. It is solid, resilient and versatile.

M. Gómez & J. Silva RACKS

We are very happy with the quality and durability of the tent as well as with your repair and maintenance service. Very professional and committed staff with whom it is very easy to reach an understanding. Incidents are resolved quickly. Keep up the good work, thank you very much.

Jose Félix Donatiu, General ManagerMetropol Náuticas, S.A.

Faced with the need to expand our facilities and the uncertainty of further requirements in terms of the necessary surface area, we considered the possibility of renting a tent to cover our needs in the short term. It was the right decision, as it has allowed us to think about the most suitable future solutions without any anxiety. Choosing you was the best decision we could have made, since the transparency of the contracting process, the short and punctual delivery times as well as the programmed maintenance have ensured that our facilities are maintained properly and sustainably. You always engaged professionally with us and we want to express our gratitude to you for the fitting service you continually delivered. Thank you very much.

Alfonso Ortega, Methods and Industrialization SpecialistAuto Inergy Division

Our experience with you has been good over the years. We have always been a very resolute and loyal company and I can reassure clients who cannot be present during implementation by providing photos and explanations. Thank you for thinking of us.

Olga Sentís Carbonell, RACCMaintenance, Security and Operational Services

Efficient work, a solid product and trouble-free implementation.

Diego Nieto Grande, DS SmithRegional Operations Director MD West Iberia Cluster

CONDIS SUPERMERCATS has found in you the temporary solution we needed to address the problem of lack of space that has adversely impacted part of our logistic activity over the course of works to extend our automatic warehouse. You completed the installation and start-up quickly and easily.

Miguel Merlos, Condis SupermarketsHead of Reverse Logistics

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